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MCR International is a unique conservation and education organisation working full time to protect and raise awareness of marine mammals and their ocean habitats, and the threats they face such as noise pollution, ship strikes, plastic debris and climate change.

By making a donation to MCR International you will:

•   Protect and advance understanding of threatened whales and dolphins and their habitats,     especially those that have received little previous attention.
•   Raise awareness of marine wildlife and show future generations how best to protect the oceans
•   Train future generations of conservationists through our student intern scheme.
•   Be instrumental in the deployment of our specialist team and dedicated research vessel
Song of the Whale to high priority projects.

Help us fight for a future where the world’s oceans and wildlife are healthy, diverse and abundant.
There are many ways for you to support Marine Conservation Research International and make a real difference to marine wildlife. We are grateful for any donation, whether big or small. You can do this via the PayPal button below:

or by cheque (made payable to Marine Conservation Research International) sent to:-
MCR International, 94 High Street, Kelvedon, Colchester, Essex, CO5 9AA UK

Alternatively, if you would like to discuss how you would like to support us or opportunities for individual and corporate sponsorship please contact us at