Consultancy services

Field and desk services

Scientific and operational expertise and facilities are available through MCR Ltd.  Field and desk services include:-

Research surveys

  • Acoustic surveys for marine mammals.
  • Marine mammal mitigation and monitoring using both visual and acoustic techniques.
  • JNCC marine mammal and ESAS ornithological surveys.
  • Marine science and oceanographic surveys.
  • Anthropogenic noise measurements.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment.
  • Buoy deployment and retrieval.
  • Conductivity, Temperature and  Density measurements.
  • Plankton tows.
  • University research surveys.
  • Survey design, implementation and  logistical advice.
  • 12 or 24 hour operations available.

Development and/or specification of Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) systems (for rental or purchase)

  • Equipment hire and personnel.
  • Vessel charter with qualified marine operations crew.
  • PAM 200 metre and 400 metre towed hydrophones and autonomous /remote devices.
  • Highly qualified and experienced research staff for PAM, survey and mitigation work.

Desk based services

  • Survey design and planning.
  • Passive acoustic and visual data analysis.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment.
  • Abundance, density & population estimations.
  • Desk based literature reviews.
  • Highly qualified scientific advice for all types of marine mammal survey.
  • Habitat modelling.
  • Bioacoustics, biology of marine species and GIS.
  • Statistical, graphic and geographic analysis.
  • Report writing.

Training and workshops

  • JNCC/ESAS seabird surveys.
  • JNCC marine mammal observer.
  • Passive acoustic monitoring survey.
  • Pamguard and IFAW software training.
  • University training and courses.
  • Platform for commercial and NGO  workshops, training and team  building cruises.


  • Song of the Whale can be chartered for coastal or offshore expeditions, as a project base or support vessel, with marine scientists or just essential crew, as appropriate.

Film & photography

The team has extensive experience across all types of media from radio to documentary film:

  • Coastal or offshore platform for film and photography projects.
  • Elevated A-frame platform, crow’s nest, side davits, stern steps to dive platform and low bow for optimal views.
  • Two tenders available for projects requiring greater manoeuvrability, shallow-water work, trips to shore, etc.
  • Comprehensive onboard power regime for charging batteries, powering lighting, running compressors, etc.