Calling all KS3 Teachers

In partnership with the Thames Tideway Tunnel’s Tunnel works schools program we have designed a number of engaging curriculum-based Key Stage 3 Science lessons based around real research taking place in the Thames Estuary. Interactive lessons, worksheets, teacher’s notes and videos bring the topics of ‘Sound Waves’ and ‘Experimental Skills and Investigation’ alive, helping students to understand and learn about the practical applications of these topics from a research project carried out in 2015 on the harbour porpoise, the UK’s smallest whale. These resources are all free to use so please follow the links below to download them and let us help you inspire the research scientists of the future.

Sound Waves:                                                    Teachers’ notes          Worksheet          Lesson

Experimental Skills and Investigation:                 Teachers’ notes          Worksheet          Lesson

A video introducing to the survey and lessons can be seen above.  Other videos of the teams works are can be found here.

A huge thanks goes to our funders for this project, without which these resources would not be available especially Thames Tideway Tunnel, International Fund for Animal Welfare, the London Array, the Ernest Cook Trust, Hermitage River Projects, the John Speden Lewis Foundation and Sea Changers.

Additional information about the Thames porpoise survey can be found on the Thames porpoise survey page.

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